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This 23 year old enters the arena standing atop his Blue roan Sugar. In hand is a twenty-foot-tall American Flag!

A career in trick riding began as a dare at a high school rodeo. A group of girls bet him $100 that he couldn't ride his horses Roman Style. (A rider stands on a pair of horses running side by side) Stoddard is now the youngest person able to ride a 6-up Roman riding team. He is also performs solo tricks with one horse.

Stoddard is a self taught performer and spends the majority of the year performing. When he is home he teaches gymnastics, high school rodeo, and youth riding lessons. He believes that hard work pays off and will spend up to 10 hours a day working with his horses on new and old tricks.

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Andy Burelle lives in Ardmore, Oklahoma. He has been involved in both freestyle bullfighting and protection bullfighting since 1999. He is a renowned rodeo clown well known for impressing the crowd and the contestants. Burelle prides himself on not telling rodeo jokes that you hear repeatedly. His material is always new and will have you laughing in no time!

Since his appearance in the rodeo business, Burelle has had many performance opportunities. He has crossed the United States where he has had the privilege to perform at venues such as the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo, Calgary Stampede, Madison Square Gardens, and the California Rodeo Salinas.

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